Jeff Jones Giving a Demo on his Ti 29er bike

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Stolen Ibis Bow Ti

Castellano Bow Ti

Moots MX Divide 29er

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8bar - team rider custom build

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Moots RSL+HED Wheel

Mavic debuts 29er wheelsets

Crossmax SLR At a claimed 1620 grams, the Crossmax SLR is competitive in weight with other high-end aluminum 29er sets, and hits a reasonable price point of $1000 as well. The top-of-the-line SLR was also the most difficult to engineer, according to Mavic. Extruding a larger version of the 26er rim and building it up with longer spokes was inadequate, dropping stiffness by more than 30% and causing problems with broken spokes and poor ride quality.

Jackson Goldstone goes to woodward spring camp

Jackson Goldstone goes to woodward spring camp on